Sunday, January 17, 2010

Assignment 2

I thought the best part of our project was the overall idea. The fact that we were not opening up any ordinary health club might have made investors more interested. We were targeting large business corporations in hope of strengthening employee relationships. We felt that overall healthy employees would work better together and maintain and better work environment.
After we established a general idea, every group member pitched in ideas to form the basis for our project. We all had different things to offer to the health club, and I do not think our project would have been effective if we did not have the ideas from all three group members.
If this had been an individual project then I would have been a little more creative. Since I was working with two other members, I was not sure if they would feel the same about my ideas. I would have used more charts and other ways to bring my idea to the investors.
If I was to do this project again, I would have managed my time better. I would have also been more direct with my approach of pitching the ideas to the investors. I would have made sure they wanted to invest in my project.

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