Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Assignment 1

One thing is for sure, it takes a very special person to be a leader. A leader is someone who is dedicated and truthful and someone who doesn’t give up on their dreams just because there are bumps in the road. A real leader isn’t afraid of failure; they simple know they have to pick up the pieces and do what they are called to do.
Warning Sign #1: Ethic Slip
It is important for a leader to keep the vision and do it for the right reason. If you lose the true meaning behind the project, then what was the point of starting it in the first place? A leader can not be concerned with the world, but be concerned with the task at hand.
Warning Sign #2: Lost Love
A loss of love is a true shame. It is vital for a leader to stay plugged in and not lose sight of the vision he or she once saw. A leader must not lose sight of a project that means so much to them. Sure the rewards can be great, but in the long run it is about what pleases you not anyone else.
Warning Sign #3: A Shift in Focus
If the shift of the leader goes off course, where is the project heading next? Nowhere, that is where. As a leader, you are responsible for guiding others along; however, if your focus shifts then hopefully your followers can pick you back up and move you in the right direction.
Warning Sign #4: Risk Adversion
Change is sometimes good. As a leader you have to be bold enough to takes risks. Sure, you are going to fail, but you can not be driven by fear. A leader has to learn from his past failures and past success and strive to be better.
Warning Sign #5: Poor Self Management
A leader is just like any other person. They simple have more drive and more determination. That does not mean they can lose themselves along the way. Leaders have to stay on top of things and must remain in good physical, emotional, and psychological shape so they can be a benefit to their followers and to their cause.
Warning Sign #6: Poor Communication
Poor communication is laziness. A leader can not expect his or her followers to do without telling them what needs to be done. As a leader one should know better than that and do everything possible to make sure his or her followers know exactly what they are doing with the task at hand.

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  1. Organization-
    Content- (they simple know they have to pick up the pieces, They simple have more drive,)
    Ethics slip deals with honesty and integrity.
    "if your focus shifts then hopefully your followers can pick you back up and move you in the right direction." An example would have been good here.
    Good effort 90