Tuesday, February 9, 2010

As technological advances continue to take place, the amount of technology in schools will greatly increase. You will begin to see fewer and fewer texts books and less print outs. Students will do the majority, if not all, of their work on laptops and computers. I think that it would be advised that the teachers keep some text books around the classroom. Technology is not always reliable, and students will need an alternate source if their computers begin to fail.
I think that schools should begin to offer different courses in different fields of study. By the time students reach their Junior or Senior year of high school, they have an idea of what they might want to do after college. Schools should not push a student to decide what they want to do, but they should at least offer and alternative to regular classes.
All students are different and have different ways of learning. I think it is vitally important for teachers to change their methods of teaching and see how their students respond to each of these methods. It is ultimately up to the teacher to figure out the best way to teach their students, but I think it would benefit the students if they had a say so in the style of learning.
I believe that it is going to be near to impossible to have a school based solely on technology. My vision is to see schools listen to their students and to their students interests and what their students want to see happen in their school in the future. I think this would benefit both the individual and the society. By allowing students to choose and individual field to study in high school, this will allow them to be more prepared in college. They will also be more interested in the subject they are studying because they will no longer be forced to study subjects they do not desire. It will also benefit society. The society will acquire better and more advanced workers if they begin preparing at a younger age.

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  1. Your vision involves digital texts and giving students more say in what they learn.
    Questions- What is the time frame for these changes to occur?
    Had this been the case at TSA, how would the courses you took been different?